Saturday, April 24, 2010

Submitting a recipe from an online inquiry for use in a magazine article/interview gave me the chance to recreate a dish from France that I learned about when I lived in the Langedoc-Roussillon region on the western Mediterranean. I decided on La Bourride... A little sister to Bouillabase... A simpler fish stew that just uses a single fish (usually monkfish). Cod, snapper and tilapia are easy substitutes. The fish is stewed in the soup during the final cooking stage so it needs to be a relatively firm, white-fleshed fish. It turned out great and I realized why I like this even more that bouillabase. I never fawned over fish stews that have too many different types of seafood, so this is the stew for me. A simple soup made with garlic, tomatoes, clam juice and saffron is stewed to release the flavors, the fish is then cooked in the soup until it flakes. Remove the fish whisk in an aioli and ladle the soup over the fish. Fantastic and rustic simplicity at its best. Reasons to love France all over again.

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